Making you more competitive: Our sales support

Display markets and complementary products are changing and regenerating at a rapid pace. Our sales experts offer you comprehensive support so that your company may establish a profitable position in the market:

  • Sales advise pertaining to commercial product management
  • Demonstrating cost-effective concepts
  • Well-founded and market-based product recommendations
  • Many years of proven, efficient industrial display solutions
  • Monitoring of the market

Sales Team

«I want to satisfy customers 100% – with the aspiration of implementing their future projects as well.»
Christa Barmettler
CMO | Key Account Manager
Tel +41 41 784 30 95
«I am pleased to support customers in achieving their goals: reliability, flexibility and speed.»
Johannes Billig
«With structure and creativity, I can create an ideal mix to meet all marketing requirements both internally and externally.»
Eva Landolt
Marketing and Sales
Product Manager
Tel +41 41 784 31 19
«Selling successfully means to me: Seeing the whole business through the eyes of the customer»
Reto Heinle
«Anyone who wants to give good advice knows the secret: let the customers talk and listen carefully.»
Giuliana Spadoni
«When business between you and us is perfect, we both benefit – that's my goal.»
Richard Günther
«I want to create and extend true partnerships and long term win-win relationships with my customers.»
Stefan Vachal
«To give the best service I need to understand your business, and to learn the ins and outs of your position and goal.»
Sonja Billig
«Customized TFT projects have always been a great passion of mine.»
Ludwig Neumann
Sales Representative
Tel +49 7243 947 530
«My goal is to gain new customers for us, with whom I can build up a healthy partnership where both sides can benefit out of.»
Lukas Riedl
Junior Sales Manager
Tel +49 9971 995100-4