Displays are in high demand in the industrial environment. They are used in many different areas and must therefore satisfy very different requirements. For this reason, DMB Technics does not develop standard solutions, but customized displays and display systems.

At DMB Technics, every product is exactly matched to the customer’s wishes and the application. The display experts know exactly what is important. They use their experience and knowledge for the perfect result. But it is not only the competence of the DMB team that is so successful. The product portfolio is also impressive. It includes passive LCD displays, embedded HMI products and high-resolution industrial TFTs with touch panels.
The displays from DMB Technics are in use all over Europe. Many well-known customers have already had the small and medium-sized company develop a customer-specific solution. They are all supported in their everyday work by a highly developed system.

From prototype to series production
It is important for the company that the products are not only innovative. They should also be convincing in terms of quality and meet a high safety standard. Therefore the customer is integrated into the process. The display experts define the specifications together with him and first create a prototype before mass production begins. In addition, the individual work steps are first checked by the DMB team and then approved by the customer. The displays are developed in Switzerland and manufactured by production partners in Asia.

A view into the product portfolio
DMB Technics offers all common technologies from TN-LCD displays to the IPS-TFT module. The products are customized and completed with touch panels and other components:

TFT display
TFT displays are based on LCDs (liquid crystal displays). The liquid crystals in a TFT are arranged according to different systems. In order to manage the high number of individual pixels, an active control system was implemented using TFT technology. The latest TFTs have a resolution of up to 8K and show 16 million colours. Thanks to the large, highly efficient production facilities, TFT displays have an excellent price-performance ratio.

LCD display
LCD displays are based on an optical, anisotropic effect, which is achieved by different arrangements of the liquid crystals. These passive, monochrome displays modify the light between two polarization foils and are therefore dependent on the applied alternating voltage. This produces an easily readable display system. Using modern processes, it is possible to produce individual LCD displays in various shapes.