EDT UI2 Displays


IPS* panels are used in all versions. This technology ensures excellent readability from any viewing angle. In combination with the extended operating temperature range of -30°C to +80°C, the modules can be used in a variety of applications, whether handheld, medical or industrial.

Customized Display Elements «Interface»


An interface is the connection between the display and the control unit. The RGB and LVDS interfaces are used particularly often. A basic distinction is made between serial and parallel interfaces. The most commonly used are SPI, I2C, MCU, RGB, LVDS and MIPI-DSI. However, the SPI, I2C and MCU interfaces are mostly used for settings in the LCD controller and not for the playback of image content (except for character LCDs or small graphic displays with dimensions up to 320 x 240 mm).

2.86″ Bartype TFT Display


Special format, high resolution, suitable for industrial use and even with touch! Is it all possible? Of course it does! At DMB Technics, we always want to offer our customers optimal solutions so that their design ideas can be put into practice. Often, however, the wishes and requirements for the display design and the standards available on the market seem to be difficult to reconcile. If several factors that deviate from the standard come together, implementation often seems difficult. This is where we, as display experts, come into play.

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