Emerging Display Technologies Corp.

IPS-panel (In-Plane Switching) is a panel- technology which originally was a result of improving another well-known panel- technology, the TN-panel (Twisted Nematic). Due to the molecule-structure of the TN- panel, one of the downsides of this technology is the well-known limited viewing- angle in particularly one angle showing colour-inversion. This shift in colour and contrast is related to how light is guided through the panel. In the IPS-panel, the molecule-structure is organised differently as they are parallel to the glass of the panel. As a result of this, the viewing angle is much more uniform, there is practically no colour-inversion and the contrast improved.

For many years, TN-based TFT screens dominated the industrial display market, in which they still have a significant market share. However, there was a change in the market trend towards IPS-based TFT displays with symmetrical viewing angles and high contrast, which was driven by the consumer market (especially TVs). Our long-standing production partner EDT Emerging Display Technologies Corp. offers a range of standard sizes in its IPS family, and strives to provide high-quality displays with long-term support and competitive prices. If you need special specifications for your project, we can offer you a fully customized solution. Ideally suited for various applications, from portable handheld devices to industrial HMI. These EDT displays meet your requirements for reliable operation and long term product support.

Operators from all industrial levels often prefer these displays, due to the easy and reliable read out from all viewing angles. They also allow for more accurate colour reproduction – consistent colour.

The TFT IPS Displays are available in these standard sizes: 2.0” + 2.4” + 2.8” + 3.5” + 4.3” + 5.0” + 7.0” + 8.0” + 10.1” + 10.4” + 12.1”.

For details for further informations, have a look at the flyer from our longterm production partner EDT Emerging Display Technologies Corp.. DMB EDT Display TFT IPS