Today, transflective displays are used in more and more applications. Transflective is an artificial word that describes the optical characteristics of a display. A transflective display therefore has both reflective and transmissive “light” features. In addition to the transflective features, the display of colours is also highly desirable and was until recently a disadvantage of transflective displays.
The latest technologies require an optimal balance between the reflective “outdoor” mode (e.g. under sunlight) and the “indoor” mode in which the backlight supplies the display with light from the backside.
One of these highly developed technologies is ECB (Electrically Controlled Birefringence). The ECB technology allows TFT displays which provide optimal results for the following key parameters.
  • Customized adjustment of reflection and transmission values
  • Large opening of the single pixel (Aperture Ratio)

    TFT Display

    kundenspezifische Displays

  • High transmission even at high resolutions
  • High resolutions up to 300PPI
  • low-power architecture
 Further benefits are:
  • Low EMC emission (advantage for the use of CTP (Capacitive Touch Panel)
  • Large viewing angles 80/80/80/80
  • Contrast values up to 800:1
  • Small colour shifts versus viewing angle
  • Suitable for optical bonding
  • Low operating voltages
Example display:
1.3″ ECB-TFT with a resolution of 176×176 (RGB) pixels

tft display transflektiv