Display features

Standard Sizes 3.5" | 4.3" | 5.0" | 7.0"

Product names ET035023UDBA | ET043023UDBA | ET050023UDBA | ET070023UDBA

Luminance mit CTP 800 nits | ohne CTP 1'000 nits

LED Lifetime 50'000 Stunden

ECM optimiert

PinOut 50 Pins

Standard Coverlens 2mm CS mit black printing

The EDT Display-Family currentyl consists of our sizes:

  • 3.5″ ET035023UDBA
  • 4.3″ ET043023UDBA
  • 5.0″ ET050023UDBA
  • 7.0″ ET070023UDBA

IPS panels are used in all versions. This technology ensures excellent readability from any viewing angle. In combination with the extended operating temperature range of -30°C to +80°C, the modules can be used in a variety of applications, whether handheld, medical or industrial.

Thanks to the uniform interface of display and touch , the 3.5″ can be exchanged for the 7.0″, for example, without changing the hardware. Thus, based on the hardware platform, you can offer a low-end and a high-end version of the same product without much effort.

The 50-pin interface (RGB24) provides sufficient ground leads to connect the display to the application with low impedance – An additional metal plate on the FPC back, a conductive coating and intelligent cable routing also optimise the EMC behaviour of the displays.

Find out more in the documentation or contact us for individual advice. We are looking forward to it.