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E-paper displays: more flexibility, less power


E-paper has actually been around for decades, but it is only recently that the technology has grown in everyday use. For example, it is increasingly being used at major distributors in the form of electronic shelf labels or at home in smart home technology. E-paper displays offer a wide range of unique benefits compared to conventional displays, and with DMB Technics, you can even take advantage of customized solutions.

DMB Technics supports e-bike manufacturers with customized display solutions


E-bikes have gained enormous popularity and have become an important segment in the bicycle market. Sales of e-bikes have steadily increased in many countries and the demand for these electrically assisted bicycles remains high. There are several reasons for the continued popularity of e-bikes. For one thing, they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional car transportation and help reduce emissions and congestion. For another, e-bikes make it comfortable to travel longer distances and make cycling easier on hilly terrain.

Smart Embedded Displays for HMI


Highly integrated, intelligent displays are in high demand these days. Most of the time, the modern HMI (Human Machine Interface) is complex and requires more processor resources than the control of the actual application. With a smart embedded display product, DMB Technics covers a large part of the requirements for current HMI and makes computing power available where it is needed.

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