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What does “TN” mean?


The most common of all LCD technologies is TN (twisted nematic) technology. A TN display consists of several TN cells that function like a kind of water tap in which light flows instead of water. A TN cell consists of two linear polarisation filters that are rotated 90° to each other. Between the filters are [...]

Today we are making history – and for the 15th time in a row!


Exactly 15 years ago today, DMB Technics was founded by three display pioneers. In the meantime, there are 26 employees. Together, they realise unique display solutions time and again. But it is not only the team that has grown over the years, but also the range of products. Our ideas become innovations - for our [...]

Challenges are there to be met


As is clearly visible in the current market situation, prices and delivery times for IC controllers and TFT glasses are increasing massively. From experience we have to assume that this situation will probably last for months and thus also affect the year 2021. The problem is that various TFT glass formats (sizes) are not produced [...]

IPS = Excellent viewing angle and high contrast


IPS-panel (In-Plane Switching) is a panel- technology which originally was a result of improving another well-known panel- technology, the TN-panel (Twisted Nematic). Due to the molecule-structure of the TN- panel, one of the downsides of this technology is the well-known limited viewing- angle in particularly one angle showing colour-inversion. This shift in colour and contrast [...]

Custom Design Display


We deliver customized display developments for your individual applications. Whether LCD - TFT or embedded HMI products - we are able to offer you customized and exactly fitting solutions. With Swissness as the key to professional engineering, we guarantee you a qualified development process from the initial idea to mass production.        

Bartype TFT Display


Display applications in the home appliance market, especially for household appliances, increasingly require extra image formats. Here Bartype TFT (or as they say 'stretched TFT displays') are popular in use. These widescreen formats fit perfectly into the usually specified maximum front panels of the designs. Perfect applications for these displays are all applications where space [...]

Transflective TFT display latest technology


Today, transflective displays are used in more and more applications. Transflective is an artificial word that describes the optical characteristics of a display. A transflective display therefore has both reflective and transmissive "light" features. In addition to the transflective features, the display of colours is also highly desirable and was until recently a disadvantage of [...]

Round IPS-TFT Displays


In addition to the well-known Smartwatche, round displays are increasingly used for industrial applications.   For home appliance applications, displays with full round contours are considered for knob designs. The brilliance and especially the good reading angle makes it ideal for applications with high demands on optics and quality. Adaptations to the FPC or even [...]

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