A simple and cost-effective method of mounting is to stick the module into the enclosure using DST (Double Side Gluetape). Depending on the tightness requirements, however, the DST must be attached differently. On the one hand, a distinction is made between the requirement “dust-tight IP6X”, where the case is attached with strips or L-shape DST. This variant is cheaper to manufacture. On the other hand, there is the requirement “Waterproof IPX6”, where the case is fastened with a single, edge-enclosing DST.

When selecting the DST, it is important to consider which materials are used. Not every DST adheres equally well to all materials. For smaller displays, it can also be advantageous to place small clips/click hooks by the plastic frame of the module so that you can easily attach it to a PCB without much effort. Large LCDs often have a strong metal frame. Threads are drilled into this frame and then screwed to the case.

Our display experts ensure that the case is fastened correctly. They know exactly which method suits which display – and will be happy to tell you more about it in a consultation.