Our individualised engineering - for your customized display needs

Our Field Application Engineers have in-depth expert knowledge about LCDs and provide a high level of consulting expertise in the design of customized displays. That is how two of the technical project managers originally co-developed the STN technology in the ABB. They are co-owners of the world’s most important STN patent. Thanks to our expert knowledge in the field of manufacturing processes, we are also able to provide you with the bests advice and actively move customized products forward from the initial idea to the finished product, both quickly and efficiently.

  • Product engineering: We are experts in the technical implementation of customised display solutions
  • Process engineering: We advise you on the feasibility of your customised projects
  • Continuous optimisation: We work professionally for your benefit and success
  • Evaluation of production partners: We choose the most suitable production partner to ensure an efficient production process


Technic Team

«We apply interdisciplinary knowledge and coach our production partners to achieve the best output – to your advantage.»
Dieter Heimgartner
STN Technology Inventor
CEO | Project Manager
Tel +41 41 784 30 94
«You know the goal – and we know the technical way to get there.»
Thomas Gloor
FAE | Project Manager
Tel +41 41 784 30 93
«Often the unseen challenges lie in the details – and their solution can be found in creativity.»
Ercan Sayilir
FAE | Project Manager
Tel +41 41 784 30 98
«Discover together with us new aspects of display technologies to create your success.»
Pierre Käser
FAE | Project Manager
Tel +41 41 784 31 17
«Through specifically developed product quality, I provide the customer with the added value he seeks.»
Bernd Probst
FAE | Project Manager
Tel +41 41 784 31 12
«Through individual engineering and design, we highlight the quality and value of your innovations.»
Ante Kutlesa
FAE | Project Manager
Tel +41 41 784 31 15