In the short term, no delivery delays are expected despite the current Russia/Ukraine conflict. However, there may be delivery delays in the medium term as a large part of important raw materials such as palladium and neon gas come from this area. These key components are needed to produce sensors and memory modules, which are also used for the display modules.

Additionally, we don’t know what Hong Kong’s position will be on your Covid-19 outbreaks in the coming days and weeks. There is talk of a possible lockdown. This could cause delays in air and sea shipments as much of the material is shipped from Hong Kong.

It is important that the required supplies are scheduled well in advance. If you have any questions, your contact at DMB will of course be happy to help you at any time. In the event of bottlenecks, we will work with you to agree on possible scenarios or options.

We remain in constant contact with our partners in Asia and will get back to you as soon as we have further information. Our local supplier relationship management in Asia monitors the situation very closely and continuously.