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“There is hardly any area of life that can do without them: Displays presenting information in visual form have become everyday items and are found in household appliances, high-tech production units as well as in machinery and measuring devices. Its strong focus on displays in all their facets has made DMB Technics AG, the Swiss developer and supplier of elaborate display solutions for household appliances, medicine technology and machining, a frontrun-ner in this market segment. Swiss perfection and precision are still trademarks that are high-ly appreciated all around the world.“At the beginning it was just an idea.

We were well aware of the impact displays have on our lives and how often they are used without a thought. Yet they have become indispensable and many modern washing machines, ovens and tumble dryers would not work properly without them,” says Man-aging Director Dieter Heimgartner. Mr. Heimgartner set up DMB Technics back in 2005 together with two partners to form a trium-virate of two talented engineers and an accountant keen on num-bers. The three partners were convinced that displays would have a great future and they started off by developing specific display solutions for their custom-ers. “It was hard at the beginning, starting from scratch, but what really got us going was the good contact with Chinese manufactur-ers who took over the production of customized displays in close coordination with us.”

In 2007, DMB Technics was certified ac-cording to ISO 9001, a standard that was required for the compa-ny’s designated markets. “In 2008 we already employed eight people and won the prize for best sales team for a Taiwanese manufactur-er. We proved that we had really become a name to remember,” says Mr. Heimgartner. Since then, DMB Technics has been work-ing hard to develop a wide range of displays and display systems, including passive LCD displays as well as high-resolution industry TFTs equipped with touch panels and a multitude of additional com-ponents. Today, the owner-run company employs a workforce of 28 people, generating a turnover of 25 million EUR. Apart from its headquarters in Switzerland, DMB Technics also operates a subsidiary in Germany. “All displays which we create are based on standard products and are then configurated to suit our customer’s specifications,” stresses Mr. Heimgartner. “He tell