Display features

Supported processors STM32F7xx und STM32H7xx

Supply Voltage 5 V bzw. 7–26 V

Alternative Supply PoE (Power over Ethernet) als Option

Std.-Interfaces GPIO, SPI, I2C, RS232, RS485, CAN, USB, Ethernet

FLASH Memory internal until 1 MB / external until 64 MB

RAM Memory internal bis 1 MB / external bis 16 MB

Touch-Controller HY4614 oder ILI2511

Nowadays, highly integrated, intelligent displays are particularly in demand. Most of the time, the modern HMI (Human Machine Interface) is more complex and needs more processor resources than the control of the actual application. Smart Embedded Displays are ideally suited for this.

The TFT modules used are characterised by bright, long-life LED backlights. High-quality polarisers, such as wide viewing angles, are used for optimal optics.

If larger quantities of the smart embedded product are planned, customised boards are offered. These are optimised and redesigned for the application-specific features to achieve an excellent cost/performance structure. Of course, specific TFT modules and touch systems can also be used. These include, for example, modules with a high brightness (sunlight readable) or a touch panel with water wetting for outdoor applications.

As display experts, we guide our customers through the entire development process. Thanks to our extensive know-how, our customised products are unique and optimally adapted to the customer’s applications.